Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Post Production is Almost Complete!

Those are the castanets Teo sold me. They are a treasure, though I am still baffled as to how rhythmic sounds will ever emerge from them. The background for the DVD was taken from Teo's art piece: THE WOMB OF FLAMENCO.



When the "flamenco bug" hits, and it will, tap into the best resource on American soil, Teo Morca.

Visit his website.
Teo and beautiful Isabel at their former church turned dance studio in Bellingham, Washington.

The FINAL CUT is finished!

Estoy terminada!

The film will be out of post production by tomorrow, for sure.

Monday, August 1, 2011



Film making is an arduous process, and a fulfilling one!

Tonight the "rough cut" of the film was completed.

It will be watched many times before it is officially transformed into "the final cut".

Hopefully, by the end of this week, the first DVD will be born.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Making of a Master

                   Teo y Isabel Morca

                   There are few true "masters" in our world today.

                   Reality television has made new "stars" and "instant fame" a worldwide phenomena.

                   Sadly, there are few left in the current generation who have a true appreciation of what it takes, not only to be known worldwide as an "artist", but for a person/artist to turn their life over to the perpetuation of and devotion to their art, not simply for money and the spotlight (what the art can selfishly give to them), but what the art form can give back to the world and humanity.

                  Flamenco is not just another dance form. It is life to those who weave it carefully into their existence. Senor Morca has personified this.

                  Teo Morca also possesses that extra talent which has enabled him  to nurture and perfect his particular specialized set of dance skills and techniques, so fellow human beings can also benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually from the fruits of executing self-discipline and determination. In other words, he is a gifted teacher.

                  All those who meet this man see in him a "life fully lived".

                  There are those who have said it takes 10,000 hours to truly "master" a skill.

                  By my estimation Senor Morca has put on and taken off his flamenco boots nearly 40,000 times during his 60 years of dancing. His hours of rehearsal, performing, and thinking about his art form nears 100,000 hours.

                 At 77 years old, Teo still has an intense light in his eyes. His existence is coupled with his art in every sense. He continues to teach, write, and inspire. The life of this Hungarian gypsy turned Flamenco dancer is truly American.

Share in the life of this living American dance legend. Watch for the release of TEO MORCA: A Master Among Us, a new bio-documentary by Warring Eel Productions.