Thursday, August 28, 2014

6 Master Class Teo Morca Flamenco Technique DVDs

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Tangos! Soleares! Palmas y Taconeo! Intermediate & Advanced technique and Repertoire! Introduction to Castanets! Bulerias!

Come study at the feet of a master in the comfort of your own home. Go at your own pace. Rewind and review. 

Whether you are a seasoned dancer looking for a new creative outlet, or just an artistic individual who wants to learn a new way of moving and of connecting to your inner rhythms and emotions, these DVDs are for you.

LOOK! FEEL! MOVE! And understand Flamenco!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Teo Morca Flamenco Technique Master Class DVD Series Has been REMASTERED!

Available this month.

Learn from a TRUE MASTER.

6 Master Class series DVDs remastered.

Tangos, Soleares,
Palmas and Taconeo,  CASTANETS, 
Repertoire for Intermediate and Advanced students, & Bulerias!

Whether you are a retired dancer
who wants to learn a new dance form
or a novice who wants to
the FLAMENCO art form,
you can now bring Teo Morca,
a recognized MASTER,
into your home to inspire and guide you.